1891 German ”Weltrekord” Ratchet Screwdriver – Restoration

Uploader – my mechanics
RunTime – 19:50

I was scratching my head, thinking what Category to place this video in, I couldn’t define it so I’ve made a new category called “Crafts”, This section will include repairs, building certain things, and also restoration and refurbishment, such as this video is.

I know my Categories section seems all over the place sometimes, but as I add more video’s and other content I will start to redefine it, A lot of video’s I watch have more than one subject involved, and I watch a wide variety of subjects, so it a long list to deal with.

Photon Collider Produces Dark Matter

Mudfossil University

Uploader – Mudfossil University
RunTime – 13:32

This guy fascinating me, I haven’t watched a single video of his that doesn’t interest me, his science is to say the least unorthodox, but he explains this in his video’s, that academia is not on his side, I think personally he might be one of the greatest minds of our age.

A lot of his experiment and evidence he shows, involves things that most people will not easily accept, such as rocks containing blood inside them, but with an open mind you might actually learn something.

Conversations With God

Uploader – Alexis Adame
RunTime – 1:44:33

This is an amazing film I seen years ago about a man that is basically down on his luck and God starts speaking to him out of the blue, it’s one of those film’s that you always remember once you’ve watched it, even if your not the religious sort, this film has great comedy in some places, and a story line that I’m sure most people can relate to, because everyone in life has those hard times.

I’ve also made a new Category called “Full Films” under “Entertainment” for this to be properly Cataloged, I’ve actually seen a lot of full length films available these days on YouTube and other sites, all legal I’m guessing, so I’ve added the Category in case I bump into any more free films I come across in the future.